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Golden Lion Bangle by Museum Reproductions

Golden Lion Bangle by Museum Reproductions

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Cats were considered sacred in ancient Egypt. They represented Bastet . the cat-headed goddess of Bubastis . a city in the northeastern delta of Lower Egypt. Originally linked to the sun god Re . Bastet came to be associated with the life preserving power of the sun . the protection of women . felicity and joy. This bangle bracelet features two lion head finials representing the sun and strength.

Pewter with antique gold plated finish.

2 3/4" diameter.

Museum Reproductions has been creating jewelry for the gift store industry since 1969. The designs are influenced by jewelry and artwork found in museums around the world. They work hand in hand with museums . curators and other creators to make new pieces regularly. All their pieces ship with information about the inspiration behind the piece.

Also available in a silver ram style here!

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